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Posted on: June 19, 2009

What drastic measures do I support? We might consider making the JSL more independent. That shields it from the kind of abuse it suffered, during the presidency of Riyaale, who used it as a bull dog to be unleashed on his political opponents, while he remained untouchable. It is not yet clear that current and future presidents will not be able to abuse the agency in the same fashion.

We should either straighten aspects of the law, which make it possible to freeze the assets of public officials, who are convicted of stealing from the public, or pass new laws to that effect. Such assets should be earmarked for specific public project.

We should also make it impossible for officials to shield stolen assets from such punitive measures, by registering the assets under the names of puplic service departmen, and other individuals. That will make it possible to directly link the program to international conventions and regimes dealing with money laundering. The international community will be quite supportive of such measures.

What the call to kill corrupt leaders (mind you, the debate is not about the death penalty) suggests is that an effective, and legal way to deal with corruption on Somaliland, Riyale Goverment It makes no sense, because such a measure addresses none of the systemic sources of corruption, while brutalizing society, and cultural values.

On Somaliland, it is too early to give a final grade to the fight against corruption and political malaise there.

I thank you.

Amiin D. Caynaanshe
Columbus,Oh USA


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