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Posted on: May 17, 2009


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16.05. 2009.

Its really sad to realize when professional worker who lives any where in the continent sacrifices for his job and double checks if he/she will be lucky enough to get any freedom of life, speech, work peacefully with out any worry’s fighter who interferes the big politicians who some times dare to put in prison with out even going through the legal process (Warrantee), when arresting any suspect or criminal person, Sadly enough to mention in there were several arrested journalist no matter if they wrote stories against the interests of the Authorities or governments they work under or even if they came treat to the security of the system or made annoyed big theoretically politicians who believes they are the lords of their territory .

We call the international community who fought hardly to make peace to the limit in South Africa as a whole and especially in Zimbabwe whom we struggled for long time very much (Media) to work as professional journalists to assist those struggling in a very tough life abandoned by the Somaliland government and punt land administration.

CASE 1.It was at the beginning of April this year when Reporter Abdilahi Husen Darwish regional reporter of Sanaag region to Ogaal news paper and Qaran website put in prison with out warrantee, after 14 days in prison with out any defender who talk for his side been sentenced to jail for about I year, fined him 4 months to pay fine and sentenced not to work at all at the same time for about six months!

Luckily he paid money for his one year jail sentenced by the high court, and four months fine of money too and misfortunately he is still stuck and can not afford to work freely! This is automatically effecting the profession of the journalist and killing the right of been human.

CASE 2. It was at the end of March this year when the police of Bosaso put in prison Journalist Jama Ayaanle Feyte, who is a senior writer Bosaso news papers, websites but specially known as Laasqoray Newspaper’s writer; he was in prison for about five days of highly discriminated and quarantined situation from his family, work mates, defenders, immediately with out giving chance to defend him self the high court of Bosaso administration sentenced him two years of Jail!

After long fight, pressure, and struggle of JAR we thankfully got a forgiveness letter from the president of the administration Mr. Faroole of Puntland, thanks to him but the question is Journalist Feyte can never dare while even released by the police because there is some tension of security investigation who he feels can make even mad, and he freely can not do his normal work , he has the trauma of his arrest and the warning been given to him before his release, he will be put in prison again !and the security will edit all his stories with in time!, where is this , this is not fare to a simple neat working &energetic journalist who is already struggling with his daily life, he looks his back and believes he is under investigation or security pressure each minute of his life from his release day .

CASE 3. JAR has no much idea or background to mention about a recent released freelancer journalist called Hathis Mohamed Hathis who is based in the capital city of Somaliland cities (HARGEISA) he was arrested several times since last year and never sentenced him by the high court, he was recently arrested by the Police of Somaliland while he was on duty in a big occasion and hold him under the C.I. D. Criminal Investigation Department center for about three days , so far there is no apology or touchable facts which is said by the security officers or ministry of information of Somaliland.

There for JAR is calling for the governments and Authorities to give rights to express feelings, confidently, respectively, with responsibility and specially those above mentioned journalists names is desperately need help from international community if the governments do not encourage them and give fully their rights to live or they will look for Asylum in Diaspora no matter where but possibly this is what is going to happen if there personal rights are not provided them immediately and even apologize any humiliations which was threatened to them,

African Media professionals should have to play there positive role as basic of there journalistic Ethics incase they have studied, they better focus on peace building, democracy straightening, stabilizing in the whole continent, they better be responsible and play there role of journalism with responsibility.

Thanks all of you let us hold hands.


Mr.Walter Marwizi

Secratory General of JAR

Zimbabwe- South Africa.


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