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Posted on: March 23, 2009


“Somaliland needs desperately international recognition in order to Develop African stability, peace and democracy” Rayale

HARGEISA, (Sub-Saharan Informer)-President Republic of Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayale Kaahin talked how the international community ignored the achievements of the struggling ,trial and functioning system of governance country with out any body’s help or support its really tough to continue for long time ,but thanks to Allah the people are very patient society, they lived for hope and still looking up , they really know in some thing good will come to them, it was long time ago Said president Rayaale

when we couldn’t deal with our brothers in Somalia and fought for our lost independence again, I wonder some times the international intellectuals work vice versa , they are assisting for non existing country (Somalia) and considering them as recognized state, & forgetting and neglecting the achieved one’s , I am sure justice will come and rule very soon, Somaliland Feels Desperate Recognition because we want play our role Development, peace and stability in the global but Somalia uses its recognition only for pride miss- used the funds of international community and ,Said president of Republic of Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayaale Kahin who briefly talked to the international media who these days shows concern of Somaliland and its existence more then the previous years, President Rayaale said Somaliland played more then great role of showing its commitment towards peace and stability making in there territory, made secure and fought very hard against human trafficking, Pricy , foreign hijackers , we made very tight and put all our efforts to secure peoples lives and integrity of all kinds of people who comes to Somaliland, we have no budget to fight against terrorist at all but we do not show phobia, Somaliland’s constitution articles declares to fight against terrorist ,we caught terrorists in Somaliland some time ago , and the wonderful thing is we allow them to have their own right watchers & repeatedly brought them to the court to prove to them, to their families and international concern communities in we have solid system of governance and committed to fight against it, but ready also to keep their rights and integrity, president Rayaale talked about the presidential upcoming Elections and the governments preparations { Remember the world some times wonders how Somaliland works and that is why I personally call it ( The secret of Africa) the world the opposition parties feels great concern about the transparency of the Elections because they believe government can cheat them the voting polls , but here One of the opposition parties of Somaliland is deadly against the Registration process of Somaliland which can simply make the elections free and fair, no matter who wins it because I keep always in mind in all politics is win or loose there is no Win-Win situation always, but I chose to proceed Somaliland to continue the democratic process which we have taken, I was the first elected president of this country luckily My party won the previous election but I am eager just to make history and keep continuing the name of democratic elections, President Rayaale mentioned in the speaker of house of the elected parliament , the first deputy and the second chair man are all from the opposition parties of Somaliland ,I that proves how we are democratic working government and oppositions, I congratulated them and wish they are showing the world in Somaliland is more democratic then mostly too many African countries, He also called for the table of dialogue for Kulmiye Party, and said Somali Landers are very much peace lovers and they understands deeply what they are doing , and who is doing what for them, I really know we all have made and voted for the constitution, to correct who is wrong , now the Electro Commission have made their time line according to the correction of the multiple registered citizens and voters, I have no power to tell them not to do or do a deadline because they have the mandate and power to decide what they feel it’s the fact and can not ignore it for the sake of their responsibility and for the country’s Future, I have no choice not only me as president but also the two other presidential candidates , the Electro Commission have only the power to decide what they feel is the best. President of Somaliland took as an example when he was talking about the stuck politics of Somaliland now when the political organizations where registering them selves for the first time Kulmiye was the last organization who registered his political organization, Mr. siilanyo had no hope of the democratic election for the first time and thought only what can be done was to go back to clan election, but I decided not to wait for no man and continue the process of multi political organization registering,(Time and tide waits for No Man) to day I think Kulmiye will realize the reality and the future of Somaliland as the other opposition party (UCID) have understood in this elections is more then crucial to the people of Somaliland& the country and will prepare for a fair and free election said president Rayaale.,

By. Moha Dahir Farah Jireh
Sub-Saharan Informer


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